Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ponytail hairstyles 03

When an individual who has a medium length or long hair and only of ideas for how to style it then the perfect solution is the ponytail. First, you want to start with clean hair; Otherwise, you will have trouble if your hair is oily because the band holding your ponytail will slip because of the oil.
If your hair is dry and you do not have air then you run the risk of split ends.

Towel dry as it does not need to blow-dry your hair to look ponytail. The best way to get your horses rather than trying to fight with all the hair on the back lean forward and brush your hair to your face. Bring all of the hair from back to front. You can do other variations with a view of your horses as well. Maybe if you do not want it in the back you can have your ponytail to the side. How is what you need to do is turn your head to the side to collect all your hair at the moment.
Then there are different ways that you can dress up your ponytail using some pretty ribbon, which is ideal, if you have used a thin elastic.

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