Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Short hairstyles and color 2012

 Hair color will damage my hair? Hair color deposit only color, it will not harm the hair. Color choices are always one or more colors darker than your hair color available.

As a result, beautiful hair.
Coarse hair type will not necessarily receive the color.
Coloring services are available for all types of hair. Stylist individual techniques for every type of hair color. Will the color fade? Fading hair color is due to many factors. First is, the ability to hold hair color hair. If the hair is too porous will have no problem holding the hair color. Personally I like to do corrective hair coloring. (Banded hair color is clear with a sudden change of hair color along the hair shaft. Modern hair coloring began in 1909 when the French chemist came up with the first commercial hair color.

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