Thursday, August 30, 2012

Short hairstyles and colours

 The first tip for hair color perfection will find the right color for you. People with cool tones most often born with blue eyes, brown eyes or dark brown eyes and a dark blue, chocolate brown, salt pepper gray, brown and gray hair.
Do not try dying your hair in golden hue!
Colors like ash brown, platinum blonde, red, dark brown and even firefighters will look good on you if you have a cool tone.

Next will be the people with warm tones, warm colors are mostly born with golden brown eyes, brown eyes and green eyes, and even they are usually born with golden blonde hair, strawberry blonde hair and anything with a bit of color 'gold' for it .
The next tip to always remember to color perfection is to never go something two shades lighter than your hair color if it is currently trying to color your own hair at home, this is because the level of peroxide in hair DIY kit is set to a certain level and if you rather drastic hair color change, seriously consider going to a professional, you do not want to end up with green hair, or worse - ORANGE.
If you try to color your hair at home, given that permanent hair dyes and hair dye, can get on your skin. So wash your hair the day before dying your hair and do not use conditioner afterwards! It will just make it harder to dye hair to work well on your hair.
Finally, good luck - you'll need, if you're going to dye your own hair.
First with your hair and then your face. Cell regeneration in our hair causes each strand to turn white that gives us a look graying.
Beauty layout techniques include stylish modern hair cutting and hair color. Choosing a hair color that is one shade lighter then your natural hair color will blend with your pale skin and not be so obvious.
This technique is used by hairdressers who will have some shades of your natural hair color to color every strand of gray. Hair stylist will color up to ninety percent if not all gray hair. You can go for shoulder length hair cut with neat layers, emphasizing the layers by alternating between brushing it in and out while blow drying. For blonde hair, highlights the use of burgundy, and light brown hair, blonde highlights.
The highlights look good in short hair cut nails too. No actually you can not do with short hair if you set your mind to it.
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